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PostPosted: 2013/06/20 2:15 pm    Post subject: Sanguinistic

Name, Age, Gender & character name::
Mark, 18, Male, Sanguinistic

Class & Spec (Off-spec)::
Death Knight, Blood ; Unholy

Plz link your wow-armory, and plz be logged out in your MS PvE gear!::

Explain some key points in why you spec and glyph the way you do?::
Do a lot of PvP so I choose the best survivability talents,as for blood choose what worked best for gold challenge dungeons and for my play style.

What stats do you prioritize? What do you gem for and "Why"?: :
Mastery for both specs, More dot damage as UH and Better Blood Shield as Blood

What professions do you have and why?:
Blacksmithing and Mining, Extra sockets from BS and More Stamina from Mining

What past raiding experience do you have?:
All LFR and some Normal ToT

What Raid add ons do you use? ::
Threat meter,Tidy Plates for faster taunt/target swaps

Do you use vent? and can you listen and be vocal?::

Where did you learn of Villains on Vacation? - and why did you decide to app here?::
I saw some players around and I liked your name

Whats you favorite fast-food? and why?:
If I'm hungry anything tastes good

We consider our self's to be a non-drama, nerd rage and elitist jerks free guild. We play this game to have fun and firmly believe its possible to down end game encounters in a calm and friendly environment!

This is your chance to explain why we should accept you to our guild.. What makes you stand out?:
I'm quiet and willing to help anyone who asks,don't mind being a backup Tank/DPS and will look up the fights before asking any questions and I'm not an asshat

We have a very early raiding schedule, will you be able to make our raid-times?:

*Side note, I'm not really looking for a permanent spot as of yet but would still like to join.
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