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PostPosted: 2013/07/10 8:18 pm    Post subject: App: Gogoroth

The application submitted by Gogoroth is as follows:

Name, Age, Gender & character name::
Everett, 27, male, Gogoroth

Class & Spec (Off-spec)::

Plz link your wow-armory, and plz be logged out in your MS PvE gear!::

Explain some key points in why you spec and glyph the way you do?::
I am currently main spec destro because it is the spec i can pull the best numbers in at my lower ilvl. Once I upgrade a bit and can reach some key breakpoints, i will be focusing on demonology.

What stats do you prioritize? What do you gem for and "Why"?: :
For now i'm mastery>haste>crit (as destro, will be Haste>mastery>crit later). Ive done a lot of research, run many sims and toyed with reforges, and for now this puts out the best numbers.

What professions do you have and why?:
Tailoring/Enchanting. The buffs are nice (cloak/ring enchants) and both are very convenient and make decent money to boot!

What past raiding experience do you have?:
I have raided since BC, and hit every raid since(minus sunwell) except when taking breaks during firelands and recently for the start of ToT. Since the start of wrath 90% of my experience has been as a Blood dk main tank, and usually raid leading as well.

What Raid add ons do you use? ::
Needtoknow, DBM

Do you use vent? and can you listen and be vocal?::

Where did you learn of Villains on Vacation? - and why did you decide to app here?::
Funny story. I was randomly looking through east coast servers since i am living there, found arthas. I was looking through the guild lists and saw a familiar name from my years on Maiev! I also work 3rd shift, so your raid times work for me.

Whats you favorite fast-food? and why?:
A good burger

We consider ourself to be a non-drama, nerdrage and elitistjerks free guild. We play this game to have fun and firmly belive its possible to down end game encounters in a calm and friendly enviroment!

This is your chance to explaine why we should accept you to our guild.. What makes you stand out?:
I put in my work. I research fights, look up strategies, for my own class and others. Im never that guy relying on feasts for food buffs or asking for a last minute flask or potion. Having been a raid leader for so long, i know how frustrating it can be to deal with unprepared raiders, and strive to set a good example.

We have a very early raiding schedule, will you be able to make our raid-times?:

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