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PostPosted: 2013/08/14 1:24 pm    Post subject: App: holysquishy

The application submitted by holysquishy is as follows:

Name, Age, Gender & character name::
Piotr, 20, male, Squishyshamy

Class & Spec (Off-spec)::
Shaman Resto/ele

Plz link your wow-armory, and plz be logged out in your MS PvE gear!::

Explain some key points in why you spec and glyph the way you do?::

What stats do you prioritize? What do you gem for and "Why"?: :
crit as resto/haste as ele

What professions do you have and why?:
mining/engineering, no particular reason

What past raiding experience do you have?:
8/8H DS, 8/13H ToT, 6/6H vaults

What Raid add ons do you use? ::
dbm, recount, vuhdo

Do you use vent? and can you listen and be vocal?::

Where did you learn of Villains on Vacation? - and why did you decide to app here?::

Whats you favorite fast-food? and why?:
wafflehouse, those hashbrowns man

We consider ourself to be a non-drama, nerdrage and elitistjerks free guild. We play this game to have fun and firmly belive its possible to down end game encounters in a calm and friendly enviroment!

This is your chance to explaine why we should accept you to our guild.. What makes you stand out?:
Because im amazing

We have a very early raiding schedule, will you be able to make our raid-times?:

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