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re: App: Norhak

The application submitted by Norhak is as follows:

Name, Age, Gender & character name::
Jonathan, 28, Male, Nørrak

Class & Spec (Off-spec)::
Monk, Windwalker (Brewmaster)

Plz link your wow-armory, and plz be logged out in your MS PvE gear!::

Explain some key points in why you spec and glyph the way you do?::
Most efficient spec and glyphs for leveling as fast as possible

What stats do you prioritize? What do you gem for and "Why"?: :
Agility, main DPS stat for Monk. If I kill faster, I level faster. Not a lot of fair PvP encounter so I've been skipping defensive stats. Not a lot of gem opportunity so far but I go AGI/Crit and some Stamina.

What professions do you have and why?:
None, it slows down leveling. I will level professions when I hit max level, whatever gives me the best bonuses for PvE first, then PvP

What past raiding experience do you have?:
I finished all content back in Vanilla Wow, was in the strongest guild on my server (Skullcrusher). Onyxia to Original Nax. Completed all bosses besides Sapphiron and Kelthuzad. Cleared all content to Grull in Burning Crusade, first legit Grull kill and had Karazan on farm. Stopped raiding until Wrath and ICC. Was more casual, cleared to Lich King on 10 man heroic.

What Raid add ons do you use? ::
Nothing for the time being, but used Deadly Bosss Mod, Healbot, Recount and X-perl back when I raided

Do you use vent? and can you listen and be vocal?::
I use Vent, Mumble and Teamspeak regularly. I can also be vocal, just don't make fun of my french accent ;)

Where did you learn of Villains on Vacation? - and why did you decide to app here?::
A friend of mine, Anand (Character name Razeelghoul) made me feel bad for not playing with him recently and manipulated me into coming back to WoW. He said I should join his guild since you guys are a lot of fun.

Whats you favorite fast-food? and why?:
Hamburger. So many different types, so many toppings. And you can add bacon, everything is better with Bacon.

We consider ourself to be a non-drama, nerdrage and elitistjerks free guild. We play this game to have fun and firmly belive its possible to down end game encounters in a calm and friendly enviroment!

This is your chance to explaine why we should accept you to our guild.. What makes you stand out?:
8 years of experience on and off, very competitive but on the friendly side. You will always get 100% from me in raids and dungeons, but you won't hear me complain when others do not. I compete with myself and hold only myself to high standards. I enjoy PvP and used to be 2k+ in arena during BC, Wrath and Cata. I am looking more into PvE these days but I enjoy all different facets of the game. Be it farming dailies, do some Battlegrounds and Arena, raids, dungeons and leveling.

We have a very early raiding schedule, will you be able to make our raid-times?:

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