Helpful Links

These links are intended to help our members collect data to improve their characters and knowledge


Curse-For all your addon needs and direct downloads

Elitist jerks-for in depth character discussions

profession leveling-helps you find the most quick and cheap way to level professions

tankspot-provides very useful videos on how to do the latest raid fights

wowhead-find any item.  Helps find upgrades, NPC locations, quests etc.

wowheroes-Character rating,  Helps find upgrades for enchants or review a character

wowprogression-Guild ranks

wowwiki enchantments-list of all enchantments by slots to help you find the one you need

Arena Junkies- for all your arena needs, specs, gemming and strats!

World of Logs- List of the top DPS and heals in the game

wow rated specs- Helpful informoation and possible specs for all classes