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re: APPROVED - App: Theilod - by Arkinedes

Chilling with my gnomies.. man, that brings back memories of time where raiding guilds on maiev were plenty and you actually had to ask in trade to get a group going..

Very well done app, welcome to VoV

Its my party, and i i rape if i want to!!

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re: App: Theilod

The application submitted by Theilod is as follows:

Name, Age, Gender & character name::
Rob, 23, Male, Theilodon

Class & Spec (Off-spec)::
Pally, MS = tank, OS = ret

Plz link your wow-armory, and plz be logged out in your MS PvE gear!::

Explain some key points in why you spec and glyph the way you do?::
Pally prot spec is pretty basic, you can go 1 of 3 ways, threat, self heal or aoe threat. i am specced as threat becuz there is not much of a point in using the WoG talent points with the long CD and the fact that i only do LFR which is a joke. I spec into utility talents as well such as DG for raid help and PoJ for speed on picking up adds. Other than that all talents r directly related to DR or threat.

What stats do you prioritize? What do you gem for and "Why"?: :
Mastery to get to 102.4% total avoidance. Then increase stam for a big hp pool. With tanks gaining vengance now there is not much of a need for tanks to go for hit or exp for additional threat. I use gems that give to socket bonus becuz, hey its free bonus and if u can hit 102.4 without doing solid mastery gems then u might as well pick up the extra bonus.

What professions do you have and why?:
BS and mining. BS to craft gear and get 2 extra sockets. Mining to get the mats for BS and give extra life.

What past raiding experience do you have?:
Previously I was in PWA as a social. I filled in on main raids on occasion during ToC, ICC and FL. Also did some alt group stuff with PWA in all the raids from ToC to FL. Before PWA i was a maintank/co raid leader for Chilling with my gnomies for naxx to toc. I have only done the LFR for DS. Of course wow armory shows all that.

What Raid add ons do you use? ::
None currently becuz i am only doing LFR and many add ons have been incorporated into the game by blizzard anyway.

Do you use vent? and can you listen and be vocal?::
Yes to all of the above.

Where did you learn of Villains on Vacation? - and why did you decide to app here?::
well as everyone knows, PWA died so Gonzo suggested i app to VoV becuz he has his alt Gonzi there.

Whats you favorite fast-food? and why?:
Subway cuz i like to EAT FRESH! but seriously, 5 dollar foot long yo. cant beat it.

We consider ourself to be a non-drama, nerdrage and elitistjerks free guild. We play this game to have fun and firmly belive its possible to down end game encounters in a calm and friendly enviroment!

This is your chance to explaine why we should accept you to our guild.. What makes you stand out?:
I am applying as a social player. I would like to be accepted to VoV because I need a new guild to hang out in. Gonzo (friend and former guildie from PWA) says that you guys are very fun, social and always have stuff going on. My favorite part of the game is just playing with other people and having fun, not getting fancy purplez. I am applying to the guild just as a social. I would be interested in raiding if other people just want to put things together now and then, but I am not looking for any big commitment. I am very friendly and hang out on line and in vent. I am always more than happy to help ppl out with stuff, quests, dungeons, crafting, wut ever. Maiev will always be my home and I am looking for a new group of friends to play with. I am good at playing pally, know most things about tanking and best of all i am not an idiot and dont screw up the simple mechanics of the game. i dont nerdrage and i know that i dont know everything, but i always try to learn more. looking for invite plz =)

We have a very early raiding schedule, will you be able to make our raid-times?:

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